Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why I've Been So Busy and Cute Puppy Pictures

You may be wondering where I've been lately. Or maybe not. I hope you were. Well I have something tiring and time consuming and really really cute to share with you. Actually, three somethings. 

Meet my temporary house guests: 

They're all eight weeks old, unknown breed, and for adoption in Michigan.
This is Lester. He's cuddly. He'd rather sit on your lap than play with the other pups, but he's going to be big! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

Over the weekend, Anthony and left the city and drove to a local farm for pumpkin picking, cider, doughnuts, and other lovely goods. Each year, we make sure to spend the day at one of the  local apple orchards picking apples, enjoying the outdoors, and supporting local farmers. It's one of the days I look forward to all year, and is always a good time! 

Unfortunately, Michigan has had some odd (but relatively normal for michigan) weather. While today was beautiful for our adventure, the season hasn't been kind to the crops. Many apple orchards are closed for U-pick this year because of a misplaced frost. However, even some of those that have closed and are still selling surviving apples, other crops, or goods they produce. The farm we visited wasn't hit hard, and was still open for pumpkin and apple picking. They also had baked goods, honey, fruit butters, flowers, games, and rides for children. We also picked up cider and donuts to take home... as a reminder of a great day, of course. Will you check out your local farms this fall? It's a great way to get outside and enjoy the fall weather while supporting local business! 

Don't know where to go? Check out:
Local Harvest

What is your favorite fall activity?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bars Review

Some time ago, I stopped using shampoo. Now that doesn't mean no bathing, or washing my hair. I just don't use "traditional" shampoos. I've tried the baking soda and vinegar method, and eventually found a natural shampoo that seemed to work pretty well, but I was still looking for something better. So, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to test out a couple of Chagrin Valley's shampoo bars. (It didn't hurt that they're also midwesterners!)
*I received samples of three bars for review. As always the opinions stated in this review are my own. You can read my full disclosure here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: Sending Smiles

I don't know if you've noticed, but there's a lot of happiness going around here. Or at least, I try to bring inspiration, motivation, and goodness to you all. Its no secret I firmly believe in smiles. 

You know when you see that person and there's just something about them? Something beautiful and special? It's the smile. 

When you're having an awful day, a sad month, or a challenging year- smile. I promise it will help. 

Studies show that even when you can't bring yourself to adorn your beautiful face with a smile, holding a pencil in your teeth while bringing your lips away so they do not touch the pencil (imitating the muscle structure when smiling) your "happiness level" increases. There's science and stuff. It's true. 

You might want to get used to the smiles for a little while. Why? Meet Seeds of Happiness. The story starts with a little lump of clay, that was turned in to a smile and given to a child who was very ill. Pretty soon, the smiles spread, as smiles tend to do. Now, the smiles are going to spread around here. Seeds of happiness sent a bag of smiles to Backpacks and Belly Button rings, and I'm working with a few bloggers to share stories of smiles with you. These bloggers have received a seed, and are going to come back with photos, stories, and tips. There's even an opportunity for you to get involved! I have one seed left, if you'd like to participate in this smile project, leave a comment below and one will be selected randomly. U.S. only, sorry!

The photo is a little sneak peek into my seed story. I believe you've met Dozer and Anthony? Those two can make me smile!

Will you send a smile?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet SheJumps!

Hey Ladies! In place of your Motivation Monday, I'm sharing with you an organization you'll probably here a lot about around here... mostly because it's absolutely awesome! This is just a little intro, as it's busy busy busy around here this week. 

Shejumps is a nonprofit whose mission is to "increase female participation in outdoor activities by building upon a supportive community that inspires its members to reach their highest potential" You can check out their website here. It features some amazing women! The best part? You can be a part of it, easy peasy. There is an online community, and you can find a chapter in your area.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Motivation Monday: Get Outside

Good morning! I've got a different kind of motivation for you today. This weeks challenge is to motivate you to get outside. Even if only for a few minutes. When your feet hit the floor when you wake up tomorrow morning, head outside. Take a few breaths and enjoy the fresh air. I promise you'll feel better the entire day. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Product Review: Organic Mountain Woman Skin Balm

Remember the lip balms I showed you from organic mountain woman? Well, I'm here to show you another of their products which has quickly become a favorite of mine. The Happy Face Skin Balm is a balm that "helps relieve the symptoms of acne, eczema, minor cuts, psoriasis, burns, bug bites, and other skin upleasantries" 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivation Monday: Unwind

Can you feel the irony coming on? It's Monday, and I'm going to talk to you about unwinding. Monday is a stressful day for most, and I bet there's a lot of people out there who wait until the weekend to unwind. That means your going through your whole week in the clutches of Monday's tension. While I'm sure we would all just like to say screw monday, and skip it, I'd like to suggest taking a little extra time today to do some unwinding.