Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why I've Been So Busy and Cute Puppy Pictures

You may be wondering where I've been lately. Or maybe not. I hope you were. Well I have something tiring and time consuming and really really cute to share with you. Actually, three somethings. 

Meet my temporary house guests: 

They're all eight weeks old, unknown breed, and for adoption in Michigan.
This is Lester. He's cuddly. He'd rather sit on your lap than play with the other pups, but he's going to be big! 

Here's Leslie, the queen bee. She's always active, and always in charge. She'll most likely stay pretty small. Best part, she's so smart! She's picking everything up the first time.

And lastly, Lester. He's impossible to take a picture of. But he's smart, well mannered, and so cute! 
( This is what pictures of Lester usually look like. )

You can see why we've been pretty busy around these parts. However, Dozer loves them and they're great exercise. Don't worry, these little guys are starting to settle in and you can look forward to hearing more from me!

Would you like to see updates on these guys until they are adopted? Or any of our puppy "must haves"?


  1. They are soooo cute! my dog looked a lot like Lester when she was a puppy. I want one! xxx


  2. Cute dogs!



  3. I hope they all get homes very soon! It would be difficult for me to let go of them.