Monday, May 28, 2012

Motivation Monday: Amaze them

Good morning gorgeous!
Hope you're having an amazing monday!

I know most weeks I have an inspirational type post for you, but this week I have a challenge. 

Give it your all this week. Push through the last set of your workout. Apply for that job that's just out of your reach. Try that thing you thought you'd never do, but always kinda wanted to.  You may surprise yourself. 

What will you do this week?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Product Review: Wet n Wild coloricon

Hello Gorgeous!

So awhile ago I'm pretty boring when it comes to my eyes. I tend to stick to the same neutrals every day. So, naturally, when I saw this wet n wild palette- comfort zone- I had to give it a go. And at five dollars who can resist?

The palette itself is pretty cheap. I can imagine the packing breaking up my makeup bag during travel or such. 

The shadows themselves, however, are amazing. 
The palette consists of two sets- a neutral and a green. 
Each set contains of a "browbone, eyelid, crease, and definer" shade, all of which are labeled in the shadows. All the shades have shimmer, but the brown definer and the black/green crease have small flecks of glitter, but they don't appear to be too glittery on the eyes. 

*swatches in the shade
Each of the shades are so pigmented! These swatches were done with a brush and a very light touch. These shades also last. Admittedly, I slept with the darkest brown shade on as an eyeliner. It stayed put through the night!
*direct sunlight
My only complaint is that the green browbone color is a little dark for my liking- it seems to muddy up the look when used on the brow. 

Overall, this has quickly become one of my favorite palettes. Yes, the packaging is cheap, but the product is fantastic. For the price, you really can't beat it. 

What is your go to palette?

Monday, May 21, 2012

The most amazing Salsa-Side-Dish type thing

Ok. So I know the name sounds oh so yummy- I was feeling really creative with that one. 

But really...
this stuff is good 
and easy
and cheap
And you can make a TON of it just as easy as a little. 

Doesn't that look good?
Ok, so here it is:

Black Beans (1 can- rinsed well)
Corn (3 ears- cut off)
Rotel (2 cans-drained)
Cilantro (2 handfuls)
Lime (1 or 2-squeezed)
*Rotel is a canned tomato/pepper/salsa-y thing- You can substitute diced tomatoes and jalapenos

Serve cold as a side dish or with chips as a salsa. 

What's your favorite summer recipe? Share the link or leave it as a comment below! 

Motivation Monday: Nights

Good Morning Gorgeous!

I apologize for the  recent absence, I've been backpacking in Canada; but I'm back now and ready for another Monday!

Since I've been back its been nonstop go-go-going. The day I got back was moving day (for my boyfriend- I'm still here!). And of course, there were many complications in the "back-to-real-life process". 

One comfort that got me through last week of absolutely no sleep was the fun we managed to make out of all the craziness. 
Because of course:

Those nights always come along when you could get some more sleep, or you could find something fantastic and fabulous to do. Because who needs sleep, really?

Enjoy your monday!