Monday, October 31, 2011

A Bite: Couscous for Lunch

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" 
-Virginia Woolf

Food is fuel. 
Choose Wisely. 

I've been meaning to post a couple of recipes for awhile now, and after making this 
Mango, jalapeno couscous with black beans
for lunch today, I couldn't help but share. It's so simple, quick, and delicious! 

Sooo Easy to make: 
. prepare plain couscous according to directions on the box (about 5 minutes)
. dice 1 mango 
. dice 1 jalapeno 
. heat 1 can black beans
. Combine
(pictured: 2 servings couscous according to box instructions- ends up about 4-6 servings)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Week in a Snap

Well this week was long... to say the least. I haven't been so tired in a long time, but of course, it was tons of fun! Finally got a minute of downtime, so I thought I would try to share a little of the week. 

- Went on an off roading adventure with my amazing boyfriend and his buddies
- Received flowers from the (once again amazing) boyfriend
- Started making Holiday Cards
- Took a couple of midterm exams
- Started a new job
Overall had an amazing week <3 

What is the most adventurous thing you've done this week?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little getaway

This week has been an extremely uneventful one, being that midterms at my university begin on monday. (Oh, how time flies!) The "big deal" for the week was taking time out for a little R&R in my hometown, visiting family. 
I planned to share a little of what I pack on a typical weekend, but I soon realized there was nothing extraordinary about any of my items this trip, and decided I would wait on that one, and just share a little of the stable items.


My travel attire is always simple and comfortable. The more basic the more I am drawn toward it when gathering things for departure. 

When I arrived, I couldn't resist picking up a few new things. Even though fall is right on its way, I seem to be hanging on to the warm weather with my purchases this weekend. First of two peach shades, blush in peaches, and lipstick in ravishing (also a peach shade). I instantly fell in love with the ease of these shades. They were so simple for a quick everyday face and I can only imagine they will become a travel stable. 
And who could forget my newest travel companion.  A tumbler from moosejaw mountaineering. I always carry water with me during travel, and this was perfect for my trip. Easy to use while driving as there is no caps to unscrew, but still has a lid which prevents the puppy from sharing.

Well that's just a little of my weekend travels. What are your "must haves" for weekend getaways?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Eye Makeup Remover

First of all, I apologize for the picture quality. The camera's out of commission, so this photograph is uploaded from my phone (HTC Inspire)

So we've got three different eye makeup removers to review. 
-Clinique Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent ($17 full sized)- 
This is the travel size, but has lasted me quite awhile. The formula is extremely oily, but effective none the less. I apply the solution with a cotton ball before I wash my face. I cleanse immediately after, and the oil left over from remover is easily washed away with the day. While I do use this remover for 
-H20 Water Activated Eye Makeup Remover ($16)- 
This formula is a gel, and is applied with your fingers instead of a cotton ball, etc. The gel is not very thick at all, but I did not have a problem with the application. I absolutely love this product. It seems to remove my waterproof mascara and eyeliner much more successfully than the other two. I love that I don't wake up with any left over product around my eyes. 
- Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover ($6)-
This is the remover I've been using for quite awhile. The price of the product and its relative effectiveness keeps me coming back. The formula says oil free but it does leave some amount of residue around my eyes. Not as much as clinique's rinse off (obviously) but more than H20's water activated. It does leave the skin around my eyes extremely soft, which is always a bonus. I've found that it does take a little longer than the other two to completely remove all traces of mascara, but it is effective none the less. 

Hope you enjoyed the reviews! 
Later, I'll be packing for a quick getaway this weekend. Might provide a peak into my travels.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Week in a Snap

Normally, I would have this posted on a Sunday. Family matters and real life foiled that plan. Now that things are back to normal, I thought I would share with you a little of my week. 
I attempted a french pedicure on myself. For a first try, I'd have to say it was pretty successful, as I am nothing resembling a nail guru. This method, however, was something even I could do. More on that later.
Tailgating at my University. Always a good time! 
Biking to Lake Michigan when the family came to visit. 
Finally Arrived!
Love the new shoes! On sale for $20
Apple picking with the boyfriend at a local orchard. 
Overall, it was a fabulous week. Absolutely love the fall season in michigan. Crisp air, leaves changing, apple picking, and bonfires. Can not wait for a trip north. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Best Face Forward

I've always had pretty good skin. I'd like to thank genetics for that, but I'd also like to send a thank you out to my [unhealthy] obsession with trying new products. After a minute of searching, I've found a routine that's simple, effective, and stable.... for now

So here are the products I have deemed my skincare essentials:
- I use carbolic acid bar soap (Not pictured- $2 at a local health food store). This soap is for acne prone or oily skin, which it works fantastically for- a simple, not too drying product. Now that the weather is getting colder, and the summer heat and sunscreen applications are not wreaking havoc on my skin, I believe I will be switching to a gentler cleanser
- I follow this (in the morning) with Olay Complete for sensitive skin ($9). It is just heavy enough without leaving my skin feeling greasy. The product absorbs quickly, but can leave some shine if you apply more than a dime size amount. 
-In the evenings I follow my cleanser with Origins: A Perfect World Serum. This is my absolute favorite skin care product. It instantly smooths the texture of my skin, has a great sent, and a little goes a long way. *Disclaimer- many have not had the same results, and many who review this product have mentioned it caused them to breakout. 
-In an effort to remove some of the somewhat excessive amount of chemicals I expose myself to, I have began switching some products to more natural versions, such as the Lafe's deodorant in tea tree ($6). The sent is not nearly as prominent as some I have used in the past (mainly dove), but is pleasant none the less. Works just as a deodorant should without the harmful side effects of unwanted chemicals. 
- As I always seem to have puffy eyes, I keep a jar of clinique moisture surge nearby. I know this was not meant to be an eye cream, but I've found it works fantastic. I also apply it to any dry spots. Most definitely is a moisture surge! 
-Last but not least, As I am still getting over my cold, I have my trusty tin of burt's bees res-q ointment to apply around my sore nose in an effort to not look so ill. This is a great all purpose product. Apply it to any burn, scrape, sore, ect. and it not only eases the pain but aids in healing. Thick enough that it stays in place, but makeup covers easily. 

Well there you have it, This are my daily skin care essentials. What are yours?