About Me

Hey Everyone! 

My name is Kate. 
Backpacks and Belly Button Rings was started to chronicle my life being a girly-girl who can keep up with the boys.  

I am
A twenty something year old
college student 
living with four guys and a dog
studying occupational therapy 
(previously communications)
while trying to figure out who I am 
and the rest of my life
in a "if you fall get up again"
kind of way. 

Hopefully I can share my experiences, good, bad, and indifferent and save others some trouble.

*I am not a nutritionist, hair or makeup guru, stylist, trainer (personal, pet, boyfriend or roommate), genius, mechanic, cleaning service, cook, or expert in... well, anything. The opinions, advice, or experiences I share are my own unless otherwise noted, and have been derived from my experiences.