Monday, September 24, 2012

His and Her: My boyfriend blogs with me

Once upon a time, I read an oh-so-cute post by Jenna from Yours Truly. She asked her boyfriend, Justin, to participate in a little fill in the blank about each other. Potentially dangerous, right? But their answers are just lovely. This, of course, meant I had to contact her about the possibility of being  a little copy-cat. Then I just had to convince Anthony that everyone was doing it, and here's what I got:

Let's meet your lovely hosts,
Katie and Anthony

First Impressions: You were just another "smart girl" that just happened to be really cute. (We met in study hall in high school).

In this relationship, I am: Awesome. Um... The Instigator!

I love: Seeing Katie's smile. 

I hate: Seeing Katie's smile... No, Just kidding. When she says "nothing" when I ask her what's wrong.

Pet Peeves: When she asks what I'm thinking too much for god knows what reason.

Favorite Memory: The first time I went to her families cottage. We cuddled in front of the fire all night.

I annoy Kate when: she asks me to stop doing something and I don't, like when I tickle her. (His "tickles" are more like jabs... they hurt!)

I wish: That I could give her anything and everything she wants.

Dozer is: The awesomest dog around. And the best wrestler... he gives me a run for my money.

I'm better than Kate at: Where do I begin... driving, problem solving (yeah right!), telling jokes, 

Compared to Kate I suck at: Where do I begin... (that's more like it!) being beautiful, making it sound like you know what you're saying (communicating?), planning

I think: A lot. I just spelt "sunlight" wrong... And I think that Katie is the most wonderful girlfriend ever because of her un-human-like abilities to tolerate me everyday.


First Impressions: I thought he was a shy guy... Apparently he wasn't. I just annoyed him.

In this relationship, I am: The perfect one. Haha, not really. I am supportive.

I love: How excited Anthony gets when he's proud of something "boyfriend-y" he did. 

I hate: When he hugs me after a long workout (In a normal hug my face should never go near his arm pits! ewww)

Pet Peeves: When he plays on his phone when I'm trying to tell him something.

Favorite Memory: So many! I think my favorite memories less of a specific time and more when I think of him smiling. 

I annoy Anthony when: I ask the same question over and over because I didn't like his response.

I wish: I could be more like him. 

Dozer is: Awesome. He has the most personality of any dog I've ever met. 

I'm better at Anthony than: Pretty much everything, but specifically communicating, looking cute, being a girl, reading.

Compared to Anthony, I suck at: Fixing things (apparently beating the device with whatever tool I happened to get in my head goes to that part will not solve the problem), being patient, reaching things on high shelves

I think: A smile could save the world.

Does your boyfriend/significant other blog with you? Do they read your blog?
Do you want them to?

P.s. come back tomorrow for an awesome interview and giveaway from Heidi of Tree Tango Photography!


  1. I love your answers! I'm so glad you did this too :)

  2. love to read this post!
    so qute to see

    new outfitpost ; let the red get in your head!