Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get Some Zzz's and Hydrated Hands!

Remember that time I told you about that rosewood aloe lotion from Wild Carrot Herbal? If you do you already know I love Wild Carrot Herbal, and can't wait to share another of their lovely products. 

*I was scent peace cream for review. As always, this does not effect my opinion in any way. 

Now, you all know I'm a sucker for aromatherapy, but I don't think I've shared where this obsession started... I have the worst insomnia. My nightstand looks like a holistic and aromatherapy pharmacy catering specifically to those with sleeping troubles. When I found out Wild Carrot Herbal made a sleep aid, you bet I was all over it. Peace cream is a hand and foot lotion you apply before bed and let the aromatherapy properties bring you peaceful dreams. It comes in a 2 oz glass jar, and a little goes a long way.

If I were to use this as just a lotion, the consistency of peace cream is exactly what I would reach for before bed. It's a little thicker and greasier than something I would use during the day, when I have the attention span of an untrained puppy and want to be good to go in seconds, but perfect for night when I can actually let something soak in (read: work). While this lotion takes quite a while to sink in, it doesn't get on my bedding, and I wake up with wonderfully soft hands. It reminds me a little of the body shop's hemp hand lotion as far as the consistency. 

As a sleep aid? Well, I loved that it is in a different form as the usual suspects. I've used oils, balms, sprays, etc, which all mean adding another step to my nighttime routine. Since I already apply hand lotion before bed, peace cream fit  great into my bedtime routine, which is important... things tend to work better if you use them. 

The scent is more complex and a little different than most sleep aids, which is wonderful for those who aren't a fan of a purely lavender scent (ahem... this girl). Peace cream is a more herbal scent with a little floral or citrus. If you'd allow me to try my hand at scent descriptions- imagine you fell asleep in an herb garden on a cool, starry night. If you had bottled the breeze, it would smell like peace cream. The scent is quite strong. However, I am sensitive to scents and sleep with my hands near my face but have never had a problem with usual uneasiness from strong scents.

So did it work? As a lotion, yes. It is also the perfect sophisticated scent and texture to make me feel like I'm treating myself to a little spa moment each night. As a sleep aid? Peace cream did calm my mind, which is a main reason I have trouble sleeping, so I did sleep easier. I can't attest to an increase in dreams, as I don't remember my dreams, but I'd love to hear if anyone else hand an experience! As a bonus- the scent lasts long enough to be effective even if I decide I'm wasn't ready for bed yet and came back later.

If you're holidays were anything like mine, you missed just a little sleep. Peace cream may be just what you need to treat yourself to, you know... for your health. 

The short story? 
-Takes a while to soak in, perfect for night time... not so great for day (by my standards, read: lack of patience)
-Absolutely lovely, strong scent
-Easy to work into a routine if using as a sleep aid
-Scent may be too strong for some

What do you do to get back to sleep after long holiday nights?

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