Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dozer goes to Detroit: Tips for Traveling with your Dog

Remember those travel tips I shared? Well they're all going out the window because I'm running really really late for some surprise travel. Dozer has a couple of his own, and he's ready to go

Now, Dozer's pretty much a travel pro when it comes to our little in state trips. He's in the car at least a few times a week going to his "daddy's" apartment, and at least once a month on a road trip. We've come up with a few tips for easy travel with a pet. 

1. Dogs go in the backseat.
Just as you wouldn't let your children climb over the seats or sit on your lap in a moving vehicle, neither should your dog. It's just not safe.

2. Play first, Sleep later.
Set your little guy up for success. Make sure he releases a little energy before getting in the car instead of while in the car. Taking him for a little walk, or just playing in the yard for a few minutes after he knows you're leaving and couldn't sit still if his life depended on it can make all the difference.

3. Dress for success. 
As you pack your essentials away, remember you can make his trip easier with a few essentials too, here are Dozer's must haves:

-Dozer loves his ollydog pack. We've tried other packs in the past, and this is by far our favorite... keep an eye out for a review!
-Can't leave home without a toy. Dozer loves traveling with that green bone. He hasn't destroyed it yet, and if floats! Great for lake trips. 
-Dogs need to stay hydrated too! Dozer's using outward hound port-a-bowl (one like this one, couldn't find our model!) It leaks a little, and stays damp for awhile, but it folds small and it's light weight.
-Don't forget a leash. This one's basic... and broken. We're in the market.
-The pet corrector is basically air in a can, but we couldn't live without it. It's a humane training tool to prevent bad behavior (climbing in the front seat?)
-a jacket. yep, dozer gets cold.
-bags, treats, medication (cortizone cream for skin allergies and his prescriptions)

Seams like a lot? It all fits neatly into his bag, which is smaller than it looks. Even if it didn't, it makes traveling with our "little" guy so much easier! 

What's your travel tip for furry friends?

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  1. Great tips! I miss having a dog.

    <3 Melissa