Saturday, June 15, 2013

Because Sunburn Sucks: Wash up with Kabana Body Wash

Awhile back, I told you guys about one of my summer favorites- a tinted sunscreen from Kabana Organic Skincare. They also have a body wash, but get this... it has helps protect you from the sun. 

*This product was sent for review, you can read my full disclosure here.

Like Green Screen tinted sunscreen, Kabana's body wash is a green product. It is organic, vegan, petroleum free, and a pure castile soap (like the popular, dr. bronner's soaps). This body wash also contains zinc oxide UV protection to help provide additional sun protection for those long summer days. 

Being made with coconut, olive, and jojoba oil, it's a moisturizing cleanser, but  it still washes off nicely and doesn't leave residue on your skin. The body wash comes in a variety of scents (I tried sweet orange, a great citrus scent) that come from essential oils instead of potentially harmful fragrances. The scent is mild, and fades relatively quickly, but is pleasant while you're using the product. 

*Scents come in unscented, citrus, lavender, lavender-mint, peppermint, and ylang ylang

The body wash functions as you would expect a body wash too, though being natural, it doesn't foam as much as a traditional body wash. Don't worry, it's still cleaning! If you've used a castile wash before, you know how it goes. Kabana notes that the wash can also be used as a shampoo for short hair, but I would add that if you've been using natural shampoo, castile soaps, or the baking soda and vinegar method already this can be used as a shampoo for long hair as well. My boyfriend has been using it as a shampoo for his very short hair. It's great for a little extra something to protect his head from the sun (especially when he forgets sunscreen!) Keep in mind, however, this product is not meant to replace traditional sunscreens- only supplement their protection... and get you clean!

The short story: 
-A great natural body wash on it's own, but nice to have that "a little something extra" from the UV protection aspect
-Gently, organic ingredients- safe for children
-Does not foam as traditional body washes do
-scent from essential oils
-Bottle lasts a long time
-Available here in 8oz for $12 or 32oz for $28, discounts available for purchasing multiple 8oz tubes

What is your go to natural body wash?