Monday, May 20, 2013

All Natural Tinted Sunscreen

I know it's still spring, but my university has been on summer break for quite awhile now. This means it's time to start sharing some summer favorites. Of course I had to share a tinted sunscreen!

*C/O Kabana Skincare, full disclosure here

I tend to change my skin care and makeup routine seasonally. It just works for me. Although I always apply a natural sunscreen, when spring rolls around I tend to reach for a tinted sunscreen instead of foundation for a simple, fresh faced look. I've been using these tints daily and love the results.

Green Screen is an all natural sunscreen with only a few simple ingredients. It uses zinc oxide to protect, iron oxide to tint, and ingredients such as jojoba oil and vitamin E oil to moisturize. Green Screen was recently tested at spf 31 and protects from UVA and UVB spectrums. It comes in three sizes (1 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz). I've been using the one ounce daily for about a month and have been surprised how long it's lasting. The smallest tube is the perfect size for travel or tossing in a beach bag or purse.

I've been have been applying green screen in the morning in place of my sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer. The shade "neutral" matches my skin tone perfectly, but if you're not a match to any of the shades, the smallest size is great for mixing and finding your perfect match. A quick application provides sheer coverage but it is easily buildable. I started out applying with a foundation brush and quickly found I preferred using fingers (which is even better for summer and travel!)

If the product is too cold, it can become ever so slightly gritty, but as soon as you put it on your hands (or directly on your face) it smoothes. It applies smoothly, although has a slightly heavy feeling at first. After five or so minutes and it seems to magically transform into the perfect finish. It isn't dry looking or too dewy, and it seems to only look better as the day goes on. For a sunscreen and tint, it has amazing staying power and still looks good at the end of the day.

There are four tinted shades and one without tint available. The shades are Neutral, Bronze, Peach, and Nude.

The Short Story:
-All natural sunscreen and tints
-Four tint shades
-Variety of sizes
-Goes on slightly heavy but seems to melt to a good consistency 
-Looks even better throughout the day
-Available here or at Whole Foods locations
-Great for summer "foundation"

Do you prefer facial sunscreen with or without tint for summer? 


  1. I would love to skip the makeup in the summer and wear tinted sunscreen!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! We have been using what I think is the best natural sunscreen for the family and I. We have been using it for around a month now and we just love it! We hope to get to the beach this weekend, hope the weather is nice enough to go!

    1. Glad you found a natural sunscreen you and your family like! And I hope your trip to the beach was wonderful :)

  3. this looks like a great product!

  4. This is a great site! I love using all-natural sunscreen because it is good for my skin. I also have very sensitive skin which all-natural sunscreen can be used on. I have tried many products over the past few years and everyone always worked for me. This past summer I bought the Best Natural Sunscreen because their formulation included the latest zinc oxide formula. I use this on my kids now because of how reliable it is in protecting their skin from harmful UV rays.

  5. i am an nc20 which one will suit me better peach or neutral?

  6. or should i say i wear nars deauville or urban decay 2 naked skin. thanks i am asian with a mixture of yellow and pink undertones ( more yellow )