Thursday, May 16, 2013

Surviving Humidity with Great Hair

Today is our first sunny day after what feels like weeks of rain. I know april showers bring may flowers, but seriously. After these past few storms I'm expecting the eight wonder of the world to sprout up in my yard. 

I have an awesome rain jacket I take backpacking and have been sporting daily, but that doesn't stop the humidity from turning my curls into those of a poodle suffering from a mild electric shock. 

Luckily, I recently had the opportunity to try out a Spray Humidity Resistant from Just Natural Organic Care. As you may have guessed, the ingredients are all natural and specially formulated to eliminate frizz and make your lovely hair humidity resistant. The product has so many great things right from the start from being paraben, sulfate, and alcohol free (no drying ingredients!), to being made in the USA and guaranteed by the company. The ingredients from aloe, to vitamin e, to the various extracts, can actually improve the condition of your hair (and aloe is great for maintaining a healthy scalp as well!) 

The spray comes in an 8 oz brown bottle. When it's being shipped, it has a normal twist off cap and the spray cap is in the box. Typically, I'm underwhelmed by the quality of spray nozzles. They clog, leak, squirt all the product in one spot, or apply to much or too little. This one, however, is awesome. While I could handle it applying slightly more product in one spray, it provides a super fine mist, and never globs product in one spot. I've found it takes about five sprays to cover all my hair. The best part about such a fine mist is that I don't have to touch my hair to spread the product around. Those of us with curly hair know the less you've got your hands in your hair, the less frizz you'll have when it's dry, so this application is five stars in my book. 

Now that I've raved about the bottle, onto the product. The scent is hard to pin point, but it isn't strong, and fades by the time my hair is dry. The product itself is a very watery consistency, which also helps it distribute easily through your hair.

I've found its great for it's purpose. When I used the spray on wet hair, and experienced a typical april in Michigan, I didn't have any of my typical humidity frizz, and my style stayed in place. One great thing is that I could apply this to dry hair as a very light hold hair spray, and reapply without getting any product build up. Now, I did have to use this product in conjunction with others. On it's own, it doesn't provide enough hold if I'm wearing my hair naturally curly, and I used a gel, mousse, pomade, or really whatever was on hand. On days I straightened or curled my hair, Humidity Resistant was all I needed pre and post style then I was out the door. The spray also provided great shine without looking "product-y" or greasy, especially with heat styling. It's also great as a light weight leave in conditioner!

*The rain put a little damper on my usual photos, but here's what I was left with after a day in the rain walking to and from classes. I had a rain coat with a hood, but the humidity didn't touch these curls!

The Short Story:
-Best spray bottle ever! Provides a fine mist and makes distributing the product a breeze 
-All natural ingredients 
-Works great as intended, as a humidity resistant or frizz fighter
-Not much hold (especially for curly hair)
-You don't need much product for it to work, and it's nearly impossible over do as well... basically, it's goof proof. 
-8oz bottle is $21.99 here

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