Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Priya Means Love: Cedar Shea Hair Texturizer

Now, If you've been here for awhile you may have noticed my somewhat recent obsession with balm-type hair products. I never would have thought my messy curly hair would even tolerate them, but each one seems better than the last, and the Cedar Shea Hair Texturizer is no exception. (It doesn't hurt that the product combines my loves for natural beauty, hair products, and Etsy!)

*Cedar Shea hair texturizer was sent to me for review c/o Priya of Priya Means Love. As always, this does not effect my opinion or my reviews. You can read my full disclosure here. All links are provided for your convenience. I do not use affiliate links.

First of all, I have to mention that I love the packaging of all of Priya's products. Even Anthony commented on it, doesn't happen- ever. The texturizer comes in a one oz metal tin with a screw top. The top has a simple label and an ingredient list is provided on a separate sheet that ships with the product. Speaking of the ingredient list, get this- "Over 95% organic. Always 100% natural". Priya makes all of the products herself, "using only hardcore natural ingredients, most of which are organic or whildharvested." Now that's awesome. 

But of course, what it is, and maybe even how it works... Well Cedar Shea is, as it says, a hair texturizer. The product listing promises shine, texture, and soft hold. When you open the tin, you'll notice an absolutely amazing cedar scent (I'm partial to "woodsy"). I love the scent, but it isn't as straight up cedar as if you'd stepped into a smokehouse or sauna. I imagine those who don't have the same love for woodsy scents wouldn't have a problem with this as there are other notes, I just can't seem to figure out what they are. The scent is also very mild.

When it comes to consistency, the texturizer is a balm. Being so, it is pretty solid in the tin. Just hold your hand on the product for a few seconds, though, and enough will melt for you to apply. (Or some like to scrape a little off with the back of their nail, let that melt, and apply. Either way works just fine!) I was truly impressed by how little of this product I needed to use. That's saying something as I'm usually pretty stingy in product application, and my hair is long! I found it was enough for me to let a little product melt on my fingers and apply that. The first few times I didn't feel as it I was applying anything... which led to "well, maybe just a little more...", and a not so attractive, you definitely used too much, look. 

Once I figured out how much to use, I started at the ends and finger combed my hair to apply the product. Personally, I like to have my hair a little more wet than damp as once it gets too dry, apply (any) product seems to add more  frizz than I'm willing to work with. I've also used a very little bit of the texturizer on dry hair to hide split ends or smooth down fly aways.

I have naturally wavy to curly hair (depending mostly on it's mood), and before switching to natural hair products I was using bumble and bumble's surf spray religiously. Now, I'm all for beach hair, but surf spray dried my hair like no other, left it dull, and the ingredients aren't great. The texturizer, on the other hand, gave me nearly the same effect. I actually prefer this to surf sprays for the sexy beach effect for a couple of reasons. First off, I get the texture I'm looking for plus shine, and the ingredients are good for me and my hair. Then there's the size. Honestly, when I first saw how small it was, I was a little disappointed. After seeing how little I need to apply, I'm pretty sure this tin is going to last me quite the long while. Now I'm loving the size. It's small enough to through in my purse (or beach bag!) without even noticing its there. 

Secretly (ignore the fact I'm wrapped up in a blanket as snow plows barrel down my street) I'm already looking forward to adding this to my nearly perfected beach bag "must-haves". Anthony's parents live on the ocean and in Michigan, you're never more than a few miles from a lake, so we're pretty constantly hitting the beach. I'm always looking for a product I can apply straight out of the surf before I get the chance to totally refresh my hair. Cedar Shea not only gives the style, but also the moisture, I'm looking for on a beach day. 

I know I've been focusing on beach hair, and maybe that's because I'm suffering from a little cabin fever over here, but the texturizer not just a one trick pony. Because I'm one of those girls, I decided it was a great idea to try a new product on a big night (valentines day!) when I was already running late. Well, thankfully it worked. I used the texturizer when I got out of the shower and let my hair air dry. Once it was dry I curled everything with a curling iron, and smoothed the crown a little with a flat iron. My curls were shinny, bouncy, and without hairspray held for days (three if we're counting). 

Beside beach hair and shiny curls, cedar shea works great to turn just washed hair into second day hair for styling. I've used dry shampoo for this, but have never really been a fan of the dullness it gave my dry hair. Cedar shea can definitely provide the texture you need for styling without having to wait for your hair to do it itself. 

The Short Story: 
-Small (solid) size, great for travel and touch ups
-Woodsy Scent, not overpowering
-Metal packaging with simple label
-Great beach texture!
-Provides Shine and Moisture
-Can be purchased here for $12
*Cedar Shea may melt at high temps (I've been told around 98F), so instead of the beach bag toss it in the cooler! 

Who's it for?: 
This worked absolutely amazing for my naturally wavy and dry hair. I can see it working well for those with short hair looking to add some texture (but be careful you don't use too much!). For those with straight hair or oil prone hair, I wouldn't count cedar shea out, but I would recommend using it to seal or texturize the ends and not all through your hair. 

I'm probably a little too excited to toss cedar shea in my beach bag, and quite honestly disappointed I found in february and have to wait. In the mean time, I'm loving the shine and hold, and will be wearing beach hair in the snow. 


  1. THis sounds perfect all year. I have balms but they are a lot more expensive and not all natural.

  2. ooh, this sounds pretty awesome. might have to give this a try. perfect for the dry beach hair that comes around every summer...!

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