Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Surviving Sick Days

I don't think I've had this many sick days in my entire life. The Michigan weather has been, well... Michigan weather, and my immune system can't take it. But don't worry, I'm surviving. This winter's made me pretty much a pro at surviving the cold. Here's what you need to get by when you're reduced to a giant germ. 

I've got to have my netipot, dry brush, and eucalyptus oil. The netipot flushes your sinuses, the dry brush helps give your immune system a kick, and the eucalyptus oil is great for clearing your sinuses. 

 The baraka infused salt is awesome. Usually netipots are used with a simple saline rinse, but the infused salt makes it so much nicer (and less irritating if you can't handle the saline rinse).

When you're out with a cold, if you do nothing else, do this. Pick yourself up some eucalyptus essential oil and dab a few drops on the walls of your shower. Then make it nice and steamy. You'll be able to breathe again! 

Of course we have the biohazard area, aka the trash can wasn't close enough. 

Make some soup. Doesn't matter what you add as long as you load up on the onions and garlic (natural cold remedies!) 

Essence of Vali's analgesic balm is great for rubbing on forehead to reduce sinus pressure. Badger Sleep Balm is more for comfort than effect, as I can't really smell it with this cold...

 If you must leave the sanctity of your bed, you'll probably want to look a little better than miserable. Try a tinted moisturizer for lightweight coverage and some blush and bronzer so you can pretend to be healthy. I'm also throwing on gold eyeshadow and some mascara so it looks like I slept. Then of course, waxelene to prevent my lips from cracking from all this mouth breathing. 

Now throw on some comfy clothes and your game face, and kick that cold! 

I truly hope none of you are battling an end of winter illness, but if you are, good luck! How do you get through your sick days?

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