Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Name Is Product Review

I've always fought with my hair. It's the same old story. I have curly hair, and like most, I hated it, worked with it, and learned to accept it... most of the time. Through this process, I've tried a couple different hair products looking for one that worked for me. And when I say a couple I mean I've tested a disgusting number of products, and have an embarrassing "these don't work" drawer to prove it. Recently, I had the opportunity to try The Name is Product, which is marketed for is versatility and will "defrizz. texturize. soften. condition. glisten.". *This product was sent for review. As always, this does not affect my opinion of the product or the company. You can read my full disclosure here.
*The shampoo I used during the review was Acure Triple Moisture Repairing Shampoo and the conditioner was Broo Citrus. Beyond this, The Name is Product was the only thing I used. 

The Name is Product is a "natural hair styling aid" meant to work on all hair types. I would describe it as a pomade. It comes in a 1.5 oz glass jar with a plastic lid and is relatively solid, but soft enough to scoop out. It has a lovely tangerine scent, and get this... only five healthy, safe, and natural ingredients. (certified organic shea butter, certified organic aloe vera, natural source vitamin E, wild-harvested white beeswax, and food-grade tangerine essential oil)

To use Product, take a little (less than a pea size) out of the jar with the back of my nail. Rub the product between your palms (it wont look like there is much there) and apply it to your hair. I've found it works best on my hair when applied to wet hair (don't even towel dry!) and scrunch. It leaves me with more waves than curls, but that works for me as I love beach waves. It doesn't hurt that Product leaves my usually pretty course hair super soft and shinny. Despite the softness, it gives me enough old to keep my style all day and curl without any additional products- though it lasts until the next day with a just little hairspray.

*In this photo: I showered, applied Product, and put my hair in a top bun. Once it was dry I let it down and touched up a couple frizzy sections with a curling waned. Then slept on it, of course... you know I love second day hair. 

So what's the catch? Well... For me at least, if I wait too long after my shower, or towel dry a little too aggressively before applying product, I end up with quite a bit of frizz. Also, tangerine isn't my first choice scent, but it is pleasant, not overpowering, and I'm giving a bonus point for smelling like real tangerines, not an artificial "citrus or something" scent.

*This is get out of the shower, apply product, scrunch, let dry hair. And the reason I don't my own photos... you probably don't need to see any more self-photo experiments. 

Now, I can't review this product without mentioning something I discovered pertaining to curly hair quirks. Now, you ladies out there with curls know that putting wet hair (or even dry hair many times) in a bun is a commitment. Taking that look down will give you this weird mess that looks nothing like any sort of style that should see the light of day. Well... not with The Name is Product. I put my wet hair in a bun, took it down once dry, and wore it like that all day (and the next day if we're counting). Then I took a picture. 

*This is shower, top bun, dry time, and let down hair. 

I can't end this review without mentioning how great The Name is Product is for traveling. Not only is it small and solid enough to pass through airport security without taking up invaluable liquids space in your carry on, it provides some of the best second day hair I've seen... and you all know how I love my second day hair. Even better? The ingredients are just right to double as a lip balm in a pinch, and it works pretty darn well for that too. The Name is Product retails for  $14 and can be purchased here. The company also sells "Lil product" hair pomade for young people for $8, which can be purchased at the same link.

The short story? 
-Only five good for you and your style ingredients 
-small enough to travel with, and a little goes a long way
-doubles as a lip balm in a pinch
-Great second day hair makes it a go to for easy travel


  1. Nice review!


  2. I have disastrous hair but the only thing that seems to be working is Moroccan oil :)


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    1. It's a great product, and thanks Jillian! Yours is a great read, too!

  4. Seems like a great product for me !!

    I'll check them out :)



  5. This is one of my favorite hair products ever!

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