Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Original Moxie (3rd of 3)

Hey there beautiful, 

If you've been following the last couple days, you know I'm writing a set of reviews on products from an amazing natural hair care brand called Original Moxie. You can check out the previous reviews here and here.
Remember to check the disclaimer in this post! It details how I tested each product and sponsor info.

Mane Tame Weightless Frizz Control:
This is the one Original Moxie product I'm a little on the fence about. Had I tried this product having never used the others, I feel I would have liked it more. It wasn't bad, and gave me pretty good results- it just didn't wow me as the others did. 
Once again, I used the same method detailed in the first Original Moxie post. 
Here's what I got.

As you can see, the waves have just a little more frizz than they did with the other products, and aren't as uniform. However, I did like that this product have me looser waves instead of tight curls. What I didn't like was how the product felt in my hair. Once again, I think my expectations were raised by the other products, but this left my hair just a little "product-y". It didn't really feel too greasy, but it was a little stiff- not crunchy, just not as soft as usual. I could just sort of feel it when I ran my fingers through my hair. It also didn't leave me with much to work with as far as second day hair goes. When I woke up it felt dirty and I had to wash and start over. 
As for the actual product, Mane Tame is pretty thin, what I would expect from a frizz control product. As with all I tested, a little goes a long way. The scent was almost a mix between Sweet Poof and Oasis gel. It smelled earthy, but it is very subtle and once in my hair I couldn't smell it. 

Straight Up Sleek Control:
After much (much much much) back and forth, I think I've decided that for my hair, Straight Up was my favorite. 
When I first received these products, I opened the box and saw a pomade and actually thought 'I'm going to have to put that crap in my hair'. 
I've never tried a pomade I liked. Ever. They always seem to make my hair more of a disaster than any other product. I was actually dreading having to test this. Oh boy I'm glad I did. This product is fantastic! 

For those of you who don't know, a pomade is a thicker product that is often used as a finishing product. You emulsify it in your hands (put some on your hands and rub them together) before applying it to your hair. Once I rubbed this in my hands, it just looked like my hands were oily, not like their was any product on it. For being a chronic under-user of product, I was actually tempted to over do it with this one. The product smells great, kind of vanilla, kind of orange creamsicle. 

I used this product on wet hair just as the others. It made my hair so soft! This is the only product I used that I did some touch ups with heat tools after letting it air dry. (Not because it needed it, but because after nearly two weeks of all curls I was sick of having my hair curled up in my face) 
Here's what I got
As you can see, I straightened my way overgrown bangs and curled a couple pieces in the front (three to be exact). The rest was left alone. 
I loved the loose waves this product gave me, as this is the look I usually aim for. Straight Up also gave me the most "touchable" hair. It was so soft and shinny I found my self running my fingers through it all day, which is not something I do- normally they would just get caught!

Straight up also gave me what I look for most in a product, which is great second day hair. I hate styling my hair, which is why my make-or-break test for a product is second day hair. To see how this one faired I'm going to show you something that should probably never been seen. 

A no makeup, went out last night, woke up ten minutes ago, second day hair photo. 
(The results of the first day hair photo above)
Ok, I'm gonna step out there and say this hair looks pretty good for second it was third but I'm not admitting that online day hair.

I wanted to test this product against my blow dry/straightening routine, but it was nearly a hundred degrees this week, and I live in a 100 year old house with no air conditioning. I could barely handle straightening my bangs, a blow out was just not going to happen. Once the weather cools down a little I plan to, and I'll let you know how it goes!

So Original Moxie, overall?
Loved them. 
Not only are they a local (Michigan!) company, they use natural and organic ingredients, have an amazing company concept and customer service. They even try their best to foolproof the product selection process. I had great results with almost all of these products, and loved that each gave me such different yet gorgeous results. I think most of these products would be suited for many hair types but love that you can select products based on specific hair types and styles. 
 Are we thinking a giveaway, maybe? I think we are!

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Which Original Moxie would you like to try?


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  2. Wow, there is such a difference and I'm always looking for good hair products. This is a great review so thank you for sharing and you look hot in your orange crop top!


    1. Thanks babe! I loved how each product gave different results!

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