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Brand Review: Original Moxie (First of Three)

Hello Lovely Ladies! 
I have something super exciting to share with you today :) 
Recently, Rachel of Original Moxie, a local (Michigan) hair care company, was kind enough to share with me some of her products to test out on my messy curls. Care to hear (and see!) what I thought? Well your in luck! This post will be the first of three reviewing the brand and products I tested which include a conditioner, gel, volumizer spray, pomade, and a frizz control concentrate. 

I first heard about Original Moxie on Chic and Green while researching a greener hair care routine.
All it took was a couple clicks around the brands site and I was hooked. The products void of those nasty chemicals in many hair products, they're all chocked full of organic and good for you ingredients.
What really won me over was the brand's 3-D diagnostics system. Finally someone realized that just because my hair is wavy/curly it's not the same as another's wavy/curly hair!

Original Moxie provides products by hair type and/or desired style- the bottle's are even color coded for easier selection. They also have reference photos to compare your hair too. If this doesn't make it easy enough, you can head over to their contact form and describe your hair and needs, pretty soon someone will email you back with their recommendations. 
To even further ensure your choice doesn't end up in the curly girls ever present product graveyard, you can purchase sample sizes for a fraction of the full size price. Each sample size, generally 1 oz, is more than enough to fairly test the product and have some left over to save for traveling, as you need very little of each of these for great results.
(These are what I received and reviewed) 

*Disclaimer: Sample sizes of Original Moxie's Oasis, Straight up, Mane Tame, Featherweight, and Sweet Poof were kindly sent to me for review. Each of the products were tested on their own, as I did not want the effects to be attributed to another product. 
They were each applied to wet hair (washed with Trader Joe's Moisture Balance Shampoo and Original Moxie Featherweight Conditioner) "scrunched" with an old tshirt and air dried. Hair products, as with many beauty products, can be highly individualized and results may vary. As always, the opinions are my own.

Original Moxie's Featherweight Conditioner:
As the name suggests, the featherweight conditioner is extremely light, and as such it is recommended for normal to oily hair. As my hair tends to be bone dry, I was more than a little skeptical about using this product. Despite the wary, I used the product for the two weeks I tested Original Moxie. This stuff is light- and my hair drank it up! After applying, I gently comb my hair with a wide tooth comb It seemed to be much more tangled, but felt nice without the grease of some products. When I went to rinse the conditioner out, there was almost nothing there. However, it didn't feel dry. It actually felt pretty good. Even better, there wasn't a heavy conditioner weighing it down, and even before I applied product I noticed my hair was much less frizzy. 
The product is thin, but doesn't run off your hand before you can get it to your head. The scent is light, and doesn't linger. I'm notoriously bad at describing scents- the best I can come up with is earthy. It smells natural and a little orange-y.
Honestly, I took a photo of my hair right after towel drying I was so impressed- you can still see the fog on the mirror! Normally, at this point my hair would be insanely frizzy and pretty flat until I applied products to calm it down and plump it up, but no- It's lookin' pretty good! While my hair didn't feel as moisturized as usual, it did curl better, and just felt nicer overall. 
If your a moisture junkie, this may not be the choice for you, but for those with thin hair or locks that are easily weighed down, like mine, this could be for you!

Bottom line: At first, I missed the "moisturized" feeling (which I'm now realizing was probably just left over conditioner). After a couple days I realized my hair wasn't dry at all, it wasn't weighed down, and it was looking pretty good. I'd say this was a success, and may have just changed my thoughts on conditioner.

Original Moxie products are available for purchase in michigan and at one salon in georgia. You can also find them online here.

Now that you've heard a little about the brand and the conditioner,
 stay tuned for the styling products! 
Up tomorrow is the oasis gel and sweet poof. 

What's your go to conditioner?
How important are natural ingredients when choosing hair care products?
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