Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: My Original Moxie Style (2nd of 3)

Hello Gorgeous! 
Welcome to the second of three Original Moxie hair care reviews! You can check out the first review on the brand and a lovely conditioner here and the third will be up tomorrow with two more products. 
(For review and brand info see previous post).

Original Moxie's Oasis Moisture Gel:
Moisture gel? Since my usual styling routine  consists of moisturizing, providing hold, then adding shine, this product got my hopes up. I've always searched for a product I could use to style without the assistance of a suitcase full of other products (especially for travel!) and this just might be it! The gel is pretty thin, which I love. It's not difficult to distribute through my hair and I don't get those awful pieces with way to much gel next to a section with none. As for scent, this probably is my favorite out of those I tested; it reminds me of some of the Aveda products I've used in the past. It smells fresh and happy. (I warned you I wasn't very good at describing scents). 

After showering, I applied a small amount of the gel, scrunched my hair, and let it air dry. 
This is what I got
Now I know you haven't seen my everyday hair to compare, but this is better. The waves are more defined, and it has much more volume. The waves are also much more uniform, as I usually have some curls some waves and some frizz. 
I'm pretty sure my boyfriend heard the phrase "Hey, look at my hair!" like... 400,000 times. Seriously. I started annoying myself.
My hair felt moisturized (even though I hadn't applied my fail safe, holy grail leave in conditioner!) but didn't have the nasty crunch I get with most gels. And best of all, you barely need any product! As I'm notorious for not using enough product, this was great. I've always hated the feel of too much junk in my hair, and therefore stick to the "a drop'll do it" method. Finally there's a product that can work with me on that!

Being a curly girl, I'm always concerned about "next day" hair. I loved these curls next day, they were a little softer, but I only needed to touch up one or two I had slept on funny before heading out for the day. 

On the other had, I applied this product to wet hair and went straight to bed, and I found the product provided a little too much hold and my curls were sticking out the top of my head in a not so attractive way. However, this is the result I get with any product that provides enough hold for my hair, and I tend to stick to moisture/nearly no hold products if I know I'm going to be sleeping on wet hair. (One of the products I tested was sleep on it approved- check back tomorrow to see what it was!)

All non-cellphone mirror photos graciously taken by an absolutely amazing boyfriend

Sweet Poof Volumizing Spray:
Before I started using Moxie products, I had been using Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray religiously. Sweet poof, when used on wet hair, reminds me of the surf spray. My complaint with surf spray, however, was that it dried my hair some while leaving it a little dull looking, which I actually didn't notice all that much until I started using Sweet Poof and comparing the two. This gave me the same beach-y hair I aim for in the summer months, only better. All the complains I'd had with surf spray were gone. Not only did my hair feel more moisturized, it was shinny and the waves were more defined. 

The product is pretty watery and comes in a spray bottle. I can shake the bottle (as per instructions), spray it all over, scrunch with a tshirt (towels can cause frizz- tshirts are softer) and let it be. 

My only complaint with this product is the scent. I don't know what it smells like, but it's not good. It reminds me of the awful tasting stuff they put in your mouth at the dentist, but after asking others what the scent reminded them of, no one else got that impression.  Fortunately, seconds after I apply it the scent fades and it isn't noticeable by others (I asked around). 

For the results I want, I think I can tolerate a minute or two of funky smells. 
I've almost never worn my hair out of the house without touching up sections with a curling iron. With almost all the products I tried, there was no need for touch ups! Even better was the fact that it didn't feel like there was anything in my hair at all. 
This product also gave me nice second day hair, and I believe it would work to give some nice texture to straight hair as well, but I will be testing that soon!
Ok. Lets excuse the face for a minute and focus on the waves.  

Had I been styling my hair as per usual I would have followed all the same steps (wash, towel dry, apply product, scrunch with tshirt, let air dry) but once dry, followed up with some sort of shine spray/frizz fighter/finishing product. For product testing period it was a strict one product per day rule.  

For summer, I think my favorite product was Sweet Poof. It was quick to apply, gave nice beachy waves, and I could even use it to touch up throughout the day without feeling like my hair was coated in product, but I still liked it much more on wet hair. 

Each of the products I tested gave me different curls, which is one of the qualities I loved about them. My hair has a mind of its own, and it was nice to be able to choose what would work for my hair for the day and get consistent results!

On a side note, my boyfriends favorite was Sweet Poof. Anything that can get me out the door in under a minute he's all for. He saw "volumizing spray" on the bottle and asked if it would help his hair. What do you think?
*These waves were achieved with Original Moxie's Oasis gel. 

What do you think of these products? Which would you like to try?


  1. I love your wavy/ curly hair so much :) Original Moxie's Oasis Moisture Gel sounds like a product for me too! Thanks for sharing these reviews!

    xoxo Eeva

  2. I've always wished my hair had more waves. Unfortunately, it is as straight as a board. I love how yours just curls up so nicely :)

  3. You have seriously gorgeous hair! I'm so jealous of those curls! Mine is straight as a board. No amount of product would EVER get my hair to look that pretty!

  4. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! I've always longed for lovely curly locks but alas, I have poker straight hair hahaha. I love volumising sprays, especially the ones that smell like the sea! :)

    Hope you have the most gorgeous week! Thank you so much for your support on my blog. <3

    <3 Mandy xx