Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Ashes

Ok. Maybe "from the ashes" is a little dramatic, as this little adventure in blogging is still new to me, but there's a story. (Of course!). 

When I started this blog, I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with it. Granted, most people figure that out before starting, but I kind of assumed it would just come to me. I started writing a couple short pieces, a few recipes, a product review here and there, and it was boring. I wasn't motivated to write, because I didn't feel like what I was writing was all that useful to anyone. 

It wasn't until quite recently I decided where to go. (er... start). I was speaking with a close friend of mine in her new apartment. We were discussing how amazed we we're such "big girls". OK, so we've been "adults" aka over 18, for quite some time. We've been living away from home for a few years, and been attending university for just as many. While, maybe, we should have grown up then, we didn't, really. 

It was then I realized what I do have to share, and that was my experience with this whole growing up stuff. So the official reopening of this blog is well underway. Stay tuned for some hopefully useful and maybe even entertaining stuff. 

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