Friday, December 9, 2011

On the go stress relief

Good morning everyone!

I know I promised holiday updates, and I've been falling just a bit behind with them. I figured to get back on track, what would be more appropriate than a little  the go stress relief help?

Now there are so many products out there for stress relief- some more travel friendly than others. 

Origins Peace of Mind, Bach Rescue Remedy Spray, Lavender Essential Oil

Each of these products aims to ease stress and tension, and comes in a size perfect for travel (though the lavender needs some modification). 
So which to choose?

Each retails for about the same price, but has a different delivery system and effect. Origins is a cream rubbed on pulse points, Bach a spray which is sprayed under the tongue, and lavender can be mixed into a solid perfume and applied to pulse points.

Origins Peace of Mind:
This was my first purchase, as I love origins products and couldn't resist an aromatherapy product! While the bottle is extremely small, it lasts forever. You only need a very small amount to rub on your temples and your neck. The cream is like a very thin lotion, and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue or shine. As soon as you apply the product, you can smell the strong, almost minty smell. It's strong, but it's relaxing. Breathe deeply. The product is also cooling and as you rub it in, you can feel the tension melting away. 

I've always had chronic tension headaches, and this product is great for providing relief when even medication couldn't. It's also an amazing treat for stiff necks after a long plane ride. 

Bach Rescue Remedy Spray
This bottle is a little bigger than origins, and has also lasted me quite a long time already. You spray twice under your tongue and enjoy the ease of it all. The product doesn't have the best taste- it tastes "natural" a little flowery (not in a good way- like chewing on weeds) and grassy. Thankfully, the taste is only present while you spray the product, and quickly disappears. Even though it was unpleasant, it was not nearly enough to turn me off from this product. I actually carry this around in my purse, even after condensing my bag to only the essentials. 

Bach's is so easy to use and really does provide that "calm" feeling. It almost seems to just... slow me down. I'm not sure if it's the act of stopping to help myself, or the product itself that calms me, but either way it works! 

Lavender Essential Oil
Now this is a "tricky" product to review, as I bought it but don't use it in this form. I use lavender in an oil burner (amazing),but that's not exactly travel friendly. For the skies, I whipped up a solid perfume using lavender as the sent. You can find some pretty simple recipes online, and I'll try to post about the one I use if I can find/remember it. I would say this is the most "airport friendly" , as in the solid form it is, well... solid. Which eases the hassle of all the airport liquid restrictions. It also sort of sits where you apply it, so those sitting around you won't be subjected to the smell. (Even though it is quite lovely). 

Besides the fact this is the most travel friendly, I found it the least effective. While the sent is pleasant and the ease of use amazing, It didn't seem strong enough. I'm going to try a different recipe for the perfume and see if I can't get a better result. 

What are your travel stress relief tips?


  1. Oooh the lavender essential oil sounds lovely. I've heard that if you put a little bit of it on your pillow it really helps you sleep at night - I must try that, I have terrible insomnia! x

  2. lavender is lovely. Definitely one of my favorite essential oils. As I'm winding down for the night I but a couple drops in an oil burner (remembering to blow the candle out before I fall asleep!) It really is quite a relaxing sleep aid.