Friday, January 4, 2013

Family Ties

When Anthony and I visited my parents for Christmas, Dozer stayed with them for a few days so my parents watched him while Anthony and I traveled for New Years Eve. When my mother brought him back to my house, she also brought a tin of coffee. Folgers breakfast blend. Anthony's drink of choice. You see, I tend to choose a different coffee every time I make a purchase. (Right now I'm loving Great Lakes Coffee's cork street... it's awesome, and local!). Anthony on the other hand has been drinking Folger's breakfast blend since always. He even brings a little over when he stays at my place to make his own brew. 

Now, my mother bought coffee for Anthony. Presumably so he can avoid lugging his over. (On a side note, I got no coffee, depressing, right?) Well, this brought up the question, "How involved should family be in your relationship?". 

Anthony knows nearly every member of my family, (third cousins included) and my parent's see him as their own (he a bedroom in their home). We visit Anthony's family as frequently as possible, and talk to them as much as we can. His mom gives the best relationship advice! 

Then there's the time my mom bought him coffee, or when his brother's new girlfriend mentioned we were sisters, or when he took my sister christmas shopping.

We're blessed that we each very close to our own families and truly love each other's families. The question does come up though; how involved should families be in a relationship? The apparent answer for us is very, very involved. We do draw lines, such after an unfortunate breakup caused by familial advice. It is an important talk to have and agree on. Is it Ok if your mom texts him or does this make him uncomfortable. What information about your relationship is it Ok to share with his dad? Are there things  you don't want your family to know about your relationship? Do you agree on where the lines are?

Where do your families stand in your relationship?

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