Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Clean Start for the New Year

New years is a time for change. I always seem to get really excited about a whole live overhaul and fizzle out about a week in. This year the plan is to set realistic sort and long term goals. The first one? A 3 day Juice cleanse following a plan provided by Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential. I'm half way through the first day and feeling great! I'm a big fan of juicing but tend to shy away from certain recipes that may taste, er... bad (celery and tomatoes)? Day one is pretty good though! We'll see how the others are. *The cleanse is intro'ed here. 

Three days seemed like something I could manage, and a great way to get a clean start this year! 

How are you kicking of the New Year?


  1. I love this! My mom just got a juicer and she is OBSESSED with it! She uses wheatgrass (sp?) I really would love to make my own juice. Maybe someday when I am more ambitious. Can't wait to hear how this goes for you! If you find anything really good you will have to post it!

  2. good luck on your juice cleanse!