Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just Five for Finals Week

So as I sit here, shaking from ridiculous amounts of coffee, surrounded by stacks of books, notecards, and half finished papers, I decided to share with you how to make it out of finals week alive. And here they are, my five tips for finals: 

Pretend you're somewhere else... sometimes it helps. For a minute. 

1. Hydrate like your "A" depends on it
Now you've heard me talk about the importance of water before. It is only more important when you're mainlining coffee. Need some flavor? I love adding fruit or herbs to my water. My favorite sip is lemon, ginger root, and mint water. Try it sometime.

2. Eat
I know how tempting it can be to sit at the coffee shop all night, order whatever baked goods they have, and call it dinner, or order take out when you get home. Instead, take a few minutes to swing by the grocery store at the beginning of the week. In case your short on time, grab fruits and vegetables that travel well and don't require cooking (apples, sugar snap peas, etc) to snack on.

3. Meet your professor
If you're studying, and any questions come up, take a minute to meet with the professor. Often times, they'll give you a few hints about what's most important to review! As a plus, if your professor still doesn't know your face, an introduction can improve your grade. 

4. Sleep
There comes a time when you loose the ability to focus your eyeballs on the words you're reading. Don't get there. Sleep could be just as important as studying, and things will stick much better when you can remain conscious. 

5. Study
Now I know this is a novel, controversial idea, but it might help. Even those classes you think you have down could probably use a few minutes of your time. On the other hand, don't over do it. The time you spend cramming half an hour before the exam could be better used relaxing, and creating mental clarity. 

While there is much more I could say, like stretch, take breaks, imagine your someone better than a desk, etc, we're sticking with the basics here... you have enough to think about 

What's your best finals week tip?
If you've already gotten these good and over, what do you remember most about finals week?


  1. Great picture! We are new fans from Follow Friday on Lovely Little Things!

  2. I don't have any tips, that's why I'm so stressed out about it...Nice advice :)

  3. Love the pictures :)

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  4. I've never understood students that pull all nighters to get their studying done. I always do so much worse when I'm exhausted.

    Hope all is going well!

  5. 'Sleep' is such an often-overlooked step, isn't it?! lol

    Great list, and you're reminding that I'm glad to be done with all that. I hope yours went/are going well!