Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivation Monday: I'll Drink to That

Good Morning, and happy Monday! This morning my motivation for you is a little different than usual. As you know, it's been busy busy busy around these parts. Some of the healthy ideas, taking care of yourself, and other concepts I try and promote have fallen by the wayside. I'm here to bring you an easy health habit to keep in mind this monday. 

Its common knowledge that drinking water is good for you. That being said, many people don't get enough. I myself am pretty bad at this. I am chronically dehydrated. It is at the point where Anthony asks me what the last day I drank water was (before forcing a glass into my hand). So if we know we should, and it's easy, why then do so many people forget? My busy schedule this week is prompting me to keep an eye on my water intake. Time to keep your energy, health, and stamina at its best!

To get enough water, try toting a cute (reusable) water bottle. My favorite is a basic Nalgene. They hold 32 ounces, and are pretty indestructible- that orange one in the back has spend forty days hiking the backcountry without a dent and the green one has survived twenty- so far. The best part? They're great to put stickers on. 

There's also a camelback, britta, a few aluminums, the vapur anti-bottle, and a tumbler in there. For me, having options means one will always be clean and ready to go, so I can wash them all at one time and start fresh. So choose your favorite and drink up! 

How do you ensure you're getting enough water, any tips/tricks? What is your go to water bottle?


  1. Camelback all the way baby!! My boys are obsessed with it, so maybe that is why i love it so much! great post!

  2. I have a pretty white pitcher I try to keep on the counter with mint, cucumber or lemon, or all of them. If it is there i will drink it.

  3. It's funny because water is pretty much all I drink and I get a lot of looks for it, the typical "well we have coffee, juice, tea, are you sure?" always follows my request for water, it makes me wonder how water ever got so unpopular! Ha ha!

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