Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pucker Up with Dle Cosmetics Product Review

As many of you know, I've been slowly working to make the contents of my makeup bag more natural. If any of you have tried this, it's hard. Many natural brands are either too expensive for my college student budget, or too boring for my college student lifestyle.

For these reasons, I was excited to work with Dle Cosmetics to provide a review of their light up glosses. Right now, Dle sells three shades: Poison Apple, Pink Fetissh, and Jess Barely.

I received Poison Apple and Jess Barely for review. As always, this does not affect my opinion of the product or company in any way. You can read my full disclosure here.

The first thing I noticed was that these glosses don't look like most natural glosses. The packaging and colors look more like what I would use traditionally. 
Their is a mirror on the side of the tube for "on the go" application, and as the name "light up gloss" may imply, there is also a light. The led lights are located inside the lid, and illuminates immediately when you unscrew the top. 
Now, the light does add a minimal amount of weight to the tube. I wouldn't have noticed it until curiosity got the better of me, and I compared it to anther (Buxom) gloss. When comparing them, the weight difference is immediately apparent, but alone it won't be noticed.

As for the light itself, it is remarkably bright, and I imagine would last the life of the gloss. The light did help with application when I used this gloss at night, most noticeably with "poison apple", as the red shade could cause mishaps in the dark. That being said, I did feel a little awkward applying this gloss in a crowded bar, as the light is extremely bright, and the bar... not so much. This was mostly because I'm secretly shy, and the light did draw some attention (all good!). I did use the gloss at other times during the night (walking, in the car, etc) when the light was great. (I may or may not have also used the light to find my keys. It was dark.)

Getting down to business, how about the gloss? Poison Apple is a red with gold shimmer. This photo makes the shimmer seem much more "glittery" than it is. When applied, the shade is a lovely, subtle red with some shimmer. Now when I say subtle, I don't mean that it doesn't show up, as many of the natural glosses I've tried do. This is definitely a red, but a subtle enough red that I felt comfortable wearing it to class.

Jess Barely is much more subtle. It is a very light peachy-pink with gold shimmer. Both shades are glossy, as a lip gloss should be, but neither give lips that thick plastic-y gloss look. They each give a very natural gloss look. The third shade, not pictured here, is a natural pink.

When it comes to the "stickiness factor" these glosses are a hit. I have battled through wearing quite a few sticky glosses (the ice cube trick, anyone?) but these never had that problem. They even passed the kiss test without a disgusted look on my boyfriends face, and the color didn't transfer, though some shimmer did. Both shades have a long wear time compared to most glosses, and wear off evenly without leaving you with the odd ring of color around your lip. Lastly, my lips actually feel softer after these glosses wear off!

So what's the "but"? 
If I could choose anything, I would say that the led lights could be dimmer and just as effective (though this might take from the lifespan of the light). The range of colors, while all gorgeous, is quite limited. I have heard, however, that more shades are in development. Lastly, I can see some individuals not liking that there are no matte options. The shimmer is extremely subtle, and would be suitable for someone who does not generally go for shimmer, but for the diehard "matte" fans, these may not be appealing. 

The Final Verdict
These glosses are lovely natural shades that put the fun back into natural cosmetics. The glosses are smooth and never sticky, and each have lovely shimmer. The light is helpful and very effective, but for the shy girl, may be too bright. 

You can purchase Dle glosses online for $8.95, or all three for $19.95 at their website.
and you can check out their facebook page here, be sure to "like"!

Which shade is your favorite, which new shade would you like to see, and how would you wear them?


  1. ooh...I like the poison apple! The color is just gorgeous :) What fun couple of products to review! :)


  2. Great post! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award so make sure to check out my blog to find out what that entails! I hope you'll be able to participate! -xoxo-


  3. loving these colors <3 you can never have too much gloss!

    Alexa <3

  4. Awesome beauty products with different colors, Good to share with us.