Saturday, February 25, 2012

Say Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

Hello Lovelies! 

Spring break is next week, and I've begin packing for a family ski trip to Colorado. Mentioned a little Here

When traveling I, admittedly, get a little lazy with my skin care routine. Also, I don't generally pack my entire skin care routine, because of the liquid limitations for carry ons. 

Enter Facial Towelettes. 
Specifically Say Yes to Cucumbers
Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

I picked up the travel size, which contains 10 towelettes, perfect for a week away. 
[You will also notice, they are paraben-free and 98% natural!]

Can I just say I love these things? 
Is that too much, too soon?

I'm not generally a fan of face wipes, as I feel like they either dry out my skin or leave a residue on my face. 
These on the other hand, leave my face feeling great. 
The biggest problem is that my boyfriend loves them more than I do... 

*On a side note, these are not makeup removing wipes, and while they do pretty great with foundation and other face makeup, they're a little intimidated by mascara.

Some questions for you:

What are you favorite facial Towelettes?
Do stay true to your skin care routine when traveling?


  1. Picked some of these up this week for my next trip!!

  2. I've been using Dove's face towelettes for a while now and they do wonders for the skin and really get any make-up or dirt right off. These look great as well! I love any cucumber-based products for the gentle and refreshing :)

    xoxo Ally

  3. I LOVE your blog...Great photos!Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower. Please check mines out and follow me if you’d like =)

  4. Great idea! I don't have a favorite but this gives me some good ideas! Thanks for following, I'd followed right back! <3 Sarah

  5. I will def try it. great post. I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope you will follow back