Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Birchbox

Ok... So I know I'm a little late, 
but better late than never right?

If you haven't heard of birchbox, 
It's a monthly subscription
In which you receive 4-5 beauty samples, and many times a small gift. 
The box also comes with a product description card (Upper Left Corner) in case you are not familiar with the products.

This month's box contained:
1. Orofluido beauty elixir- "This hair treatment taps into a trio of nourishing essential oils to keep hair smooth and sleek"
2. Jouer luminizing moisture tint- "The votes are in, and this award-winning tinted moisturizer tops the list. It's our daily shortcut to dewy, glowing skin." 
3. Beautyblender, the original beautyblender- "This hot pink sponge is a pro favorite that helps your foundation look airbrushed, no photoshop required."
4. Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos- "These celeb favorites are a fun way to sass up your usual lip color- wear them when you're feeling bold."
5. Nail file- "There's no shame in filing your nails in public with this heart-shaped, neon looker."
6. Birchbox Digital Download- "Six free tunes from Green River Ordinance, an indie rock band poised to hit the spotlight."

*Look for a follow up post if you'd like to see a review of any of these products, as I have not used them enough for a proper review. 


  1. Never heard of it! I will def check it out! Thanks for the comment. Now following you, follow me back!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a really interesting blog. I really like the concept :)

  3. cute blog! :) follow each other? xx

  4. Thank you for your comment! This is the first time i hear of birchbox but it sounds so interesting! :)

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  7. They are great! Many countries are starting services of their own similar to birchbox, there may be one coming soon if there isn't already =]