Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Not So Personal Problem

Good Evening Lovelies!

So I'll just get right too it. 

I've been having a problem with decision making lately. 
I was discussing this with some friends, and apparently many of them have the same problem. Many even classify themselves as 
"An Indecisive Person"

At times I'm admittedly indecisive to a ridiculous point, which can cause problems. 

-Time Wasted-

-Unneeded Stress-

-Relationship Troubles-
(have you ever argued 
about where to go for dinner?
 "I don't care" is my favorite place)

Coincidentally, my indecisiveness has led me to feel as if I simply don't have an opinion at all; I really don't care what I do/where I go/ what I eat, etc. Which is not the case.

So What Now?

1. Realize that not making a decision is a decision in and of itself. 
Technically, I can do A. Option 1, B. Option 2, or C. Nothing. Choosing nothing does have an effect on the individual. Is doing nothing the choice I want to make?

2. Almost every decision is trivial. 
I have very few monumental decisions in my life. 
Honestly, I do not believe I've ever had a monumental decision. 
Previously, I would have thought buying my first house was a big deal, but if I bought the one down the street would my life have been all that different?
Probably not.
Maybe deciding between red-ish pink lip gloss and pink-ish red won't change much either. 

3. If you don't care, pretend like you do. Eventually you will. 
In my relationship, one of our biggest arguments is, essentially, over decision-making.
"What do you want for dinner?"
"I don't care"
Or even better, I try to choose what I think he wants (which is a topic for another day). 
Well, then we sit around trying to decide.
Maybe an hour later well go somewhere neither of us wanted to because it was the only place open once we made a choice.
If you pretend to care, and pick somewhere/something/etc.
Eventually you will care, and be able to say "hey let's try here"

4. Don't analyze. 
Individuals who have lost the ability to feel emotions also loose the ability to make decisions. Decision making is strongly based in emotions. 
(Who has some GREAT decision-making tips)
Just because you can overanalyze something doesn't mean you should, go with your gut.

5. Practice makes perfect.
As with anything, decision making comes with time. 
What's unique here, is the better you get at it, the more time you have. 

What's your best tip for changing a behavior pattern?

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