Monday, January 30, 2012

Build Your Wings

Hello Lovelies, 

Happy Monday! Well... as happy as a monday can be.
In an effort to convince myself to look forward to mondays, I'm working on a new day theme- 

Motivation Monday
Ready for all the reasons monday's suck? 
How about the little joys?
or this weeks goal?

Rain, rain go away:
-Waking up early
-Not waking up early because you forgot it was monday
-Running late all day because you didn't wake up early because you forgot it was monday
-Realizing you didn't do anything you said you would get done all weekend
-A dead car battery

The little things:
-New lip gloss
-Lush bath bombs
-Getting home after class to a happy puppy
-Taking the perfect picture

How hard can it be?:
Do a headstand

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