Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eastern Market, Detroit

Hello my lovelies. 
I hope you've all had fantastic weekends
My weekend was spent traveling back to the Detroit area to visit family. 
While I did enjoy the sunrise from my car, I couldn't wait to get "home" for a weekend of shopping, spending time with family, and getting ready for the holidays. 

The big adventure of the weekend was my first trip to Eastern Market, which is an outdoor market selling fruits, vegetables, meats, clothes, many detroit products, and other booths selling miscellaneous items (sunglasses, belts, and such).
You would think living so close and being somewhat obsessed with farmer's markets and local businesses, I would be a regular, but sadly, no. After visiting, I really wish I would have ventured down here sooner. 
The market is huge, covering a couple blocks in downtown detroit. It is nestled between other business selling everything from fresh fish, to ethiopian food, to the best pistachios this side of anywhere. One exciting highlight was all the festive holiday items. I have never seen so many wreaths, centerpieces, and other evergreen items. It smelled like a christmas tree farm. Just amazing. 
 The market is mostly outdoors, which made for quite a chilly morning, as I was no where near dressed for the weather. It is, however, open year round, and I am looking forward to a summer or fall visit. 
I don't know much about the market, but from what I hear, most food items coming to michigan go through here before heading to their respective supermarkets, shops, and other venders. One great quality of the market though, is the price and quality of everything. Everything was so fresh and so cheap. 
I wish I could have spent the entire day exploring, but alas, it was cold and I had a long to do list for the weekend. 

On a side note. I found the perfect hostess gift for thanksgiving at a small stand in the back of the market. I promise a picture next post, when I continue my holiday survival stories.

Now that you've listened to my raves about eastern market, I'll leave you with a question. 
Are farmer's markets in your area, and do you shop them?

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  1. I love your pics! It's hard to actually find a farmers market around here. BUT when I do I'm all over it!! lol