Monday, January 28, 2013

Today it's Raining

This will be quick, because although I've been procrastinating, that exam in 12 hours is telling to me to get my little (haha!) butt to studying. 

Accurately predicting the weather in Michigan is like asking asking Dozer to attend class for me. It impractical, impossible, and down right silly. 

Today, in January, it rained. A lot. Yesterday, it snowed. A lot. The world is heavy with slush here, and we're enjoying every gray, frustrating, wet minute of it. Because well, why not? We've gotten to watch snow plows throw slush on innocent bystanders and felt awful when it was kind of funny. We've watched poor students slide across sheets of black ice only to be stopped by giant puddles. It's a complete and total disaster, but that's Michigan for you. So this dark and gloomy monday, dance in the rain. Or slush- if you're in Michigan. 


  1. oh isn't winter the funnest? in PA it was rainy yesterday, it's decent today and will be back to freezing tomorrow. can't wait for spring!

  2. We have the same weather pattern here in SoCal that whenever it rains. I get so happy =)

  3. So true! Drove to Ann Arbor Sunday night and it blew my mind that it went from blizzard to rain in two hours. The roads were absolutely horrible! haha

  4. eww, that wintry slushy mess is the worst. can not wait for summer!!

  5. Beautifullllll..

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