Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Week We Both Got Colds

Boots: Merrell
Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch
Tank: Target
Flannel: Patagonia (similar too)
Mittens: Shrunk Woolery: Local business!
Headband: Local craftsman
Glasses: Firmoo

I'm a horrible sick person. My usually cheerful, functional, and dare I say (on occasion) successful self is worn down to a miserable, helpless, grouchy mucous filled shell. Luckily, Anthony and I never get sick at the same time and manage to nurse each other back to health with minimal homicidal thoughts. This week, however, we've both come down with whatever cold/flu is going around and have been rendered absolutely useless. They say misery loves company, but these miserable germ bags are staying as far away from each other as possible in hopes of surviving this ordeal. 

On a side note, the photos are my post-Christmas look. I'm not that smilie of a sick person, as you may have derived. 

Hope all of you are saying healthy in the new year! 


  1. I feel ya i've had this horrible cold that I can't shake. 2 weeks straight now. My husband seems to be coming down with it now--i'm officially ready for warmer weather.

    1. Oh no! We're finally starting to feel better around here, hope you are too!

  2. I love this style, you look so warm and comfortable!

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