Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Medicine Cabinet Contains Chocolate

You know those thing's you aren't suppose to tell people? Like how you keep a chocolate bar next to the midol in your medicine cabinet... for emergencies. Yeah. Those things. Well, I am apparently all for over sharing at the moment. 

[Relaxing photo to focus on]

Then there is pretending you're wearing this outfit because it's cute, and not because it's comfortable and hides the fact your bloated and as your body tries to demolish the baby house it so foolishly built ahead of schedule?

Well today is one of those tmi days. 

In the interest of sharing, I've gathered a shopping list for you to hand over to the closest significant other, roommate, friend, etc. as you relax

-Chocolate. I'm loving that Anthony made me brownies because he's learned it will make me stop throwing things at him out of hormonal anger he loves me. If you don't have access to an all hours brownie making boyfriend, try one of my current favorite bars: Theo's chili pepper chocolate (don't knock it till you try it!) or equal exchange mint chocolate

-A heating pad. It's super simple do make your own, and a must have around our house for everything from tummy aches to overworked backs and stressed out days. (When I'm feeling slightly more ambitious I'll post a how to)

-Hot tea. I'm sipping boulder blues by tea spot. It's fruity but not too much so, comes in these great little tins that last for-ever, and its super cheap so you can spend more $$ on good chocolate.

-And something special and new. Anything you've been wanting lately? I'm all for the hormone induced, misguided, I'll regret this in a week purchases (try and keep them small- I'm going for nail polish!)

-I'm sure there are other things you could add to this list, like water, healthy foods, movies, pampering products, but I think we can all agree we're focusing on comfort (heat) and sanity (chocolate) right now.

What do you need on these days?


  1. My goodness, that is a brilliant idea! I tend to think of chocolate as an emergency necessity at times too!

  2. exactly what I need! chocolate and hot tea! But for the sake of exams!:p keep in touch dear:)


  3. Haha! I couldn't keep a smile off my face this entire post. You had me a chocolate in the medicine cabinet!


  4. i totally finished off a pint of ben and jerry's last night. hormones made me do it. and yes, it was chocolate flavour.

  5. I love that you have chocolate in your medicine cabinet. My kinda girl.

  6. thanks for visting my blog - following now! i definitely have emergency chocolate around the house (hidden from the boy who will eat it all), so i feel ya!