Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Say what? A Green Smoothie Recipe

Today is my birthday. 
The big 21! 

When I woke up, my wonderful boyfriend offered to take me to our favorite little place for breakfast, and I did the unthinkable. 

"Could I have a green smoothie instead?"

What? Did that really just come out of my mouth?
Yes. Yes, it did. 

It's that good. 
It's also great way to sneak in some fruits and vegetables!

I like the pineapple to be frozen and the banana fresh. I think it makes the smoothie a little more creamy. You can also throw in some chia seeds, or other supplement type things if you'd like. 
The best part is the pineapple and banana overpowers the kale. You won't even know it's there! 
But if by chance the kale is too much, start out by putting only a few pieces in, and build up by smoothie from there.


Do you have a favorite green smoothie recipe?
Please share 


  1. Replies
    1. You should! Green smoothies are great because you can use whatever is on hand to get a healthy start to your day, but I especially like this recipe!

  2. i usually throw a handful of spinach in all of my smoothies cuz it makes me feel better about drinking it lol :) will def try kale next time!!

    1. I use spinach as well, generally whatever "green" I have on hand! Kale takes a little more getting used to if you've never had it... it's a little bitter, but great for you!

  3. I've been looking for a green smoothie recipe! Thanks for sharing :) I'm a new GFC follower :)

    1. Glad you found one, and thanks for following!

  4. Wow! I have never tasted a smoothie :P But this looks delicious!
    Hope you'll take a look in my blog and tell me what do you think!


  5. I will definately try this ASAP!!

  6. That looks so delicious!! :D<3

    xoxo Eeva

  7. As a kale fanatic, I can already tell I'm going to freaking LOVE this smoothie. Happy belated birthday! (You share it with my mom! Yay!).

  8. What a great idea! :)
    ~Sarah http://ofwineandwhimsy.blogspot.com/