Friday, March 30, 2012

Product Reviews: Performance Colors Colorpots

If you haven't heard of Etsy, it's a little online marketplace with shops run by individuals filled with the most adorable handmade and vintage products. They sell everything from jewelry to cosmetics to furniture and clothing. 

I've checked out so many shops, but have never bought anything... mostly because I wanted everything, and couldn't decide. 

Until I found Performance Colors. 
(You can check them out here.)

Recently, I've been a little obsessed with creams cosmetics, and I stumbled across swatches of Performance Color's Colorpots on The Daily Swatch. (P.s. She has fantastic swatches of just about everything!). 

I decided I had to have them. 
Tiffany, the owner of the shop, sells her Colorpots in sample sizes (5 for $5!) 

 I looked at each shade in the shop for forever, and finally decided on:

 The order also came with two concealers. (I chose light and medium light). 
Tiffany, quite obviously being a very sweet and generous person, also sent along a lip repair, a restorative lipstick, a lid primer, a foundation, and two brushes. 

How cool is that? Especially since I was also going to order the lid primer, and at the last minute changed my mind. 
I was so excited to receive these products, and couldn't wait to try them! I did manage to get some photo's before I tested everything. 
The shades are just gorgeous! 
(L to R: Spanks, Babycakes, Sweet Dreams, Smog, Morocco)
These Colorpots are a little less creamy than Maybelline Color Tattoo, which I love. They seem to crease less, and stay on a little longer- with the lid primer, I can apply these at seven before class and they stay put until I remove them at the end of my day, around ten. The colors were easy to apply (with brushes or fingers), blended easily, and are buildable. 
(Direct Sunlight)
(This photo is the most true to color.)
Spanks and Babycakes look great together, (Spanks in the outer corner, Babycakes on the inner) especially with a chocolate brown shade smudged in the crease and a cream highlight on your brow bone. The cream is so easy to apply and is amazingly forgiving. 
Sweet Dreams and Smog also go great together. Just smudge Sweet Dreams over the lid and Smog in the crease. 
 (Florescent Light)
Morocco has by far gotten the most use out of all of these colors. I can already tell it will be my go to summer shade. 
Just smudge the color on your lids, for the perfect "I'm not wearing anything, I'm just naturally radiant" look. 

I will be doing a second post reviewing all the "extras" that were sent, but I can tell you already that I have been using the lid primer and lip repair nearly every day since I've received them. 
I can't wait to order a couple of these colors full size (Morocco first!), and a full size lid primer. If you're looking for something easy to swipe on for the summer, or anytime really I would recommend you check these out! 

Have you tried any cream shadows? Which are your favorite?


  1. oooh id love to try these out!

    1. Give them a try! They're pretty fantastic, and so effortless :)

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  13. What a great find, I like cream shadows but also find that they don't stay very well so I wonder what makes these better? I'm going to check out these products, thanks for sharing!

    1. I use a lid primer (also from performance colors) and think that makes a difference in the staying power, but I think part of the reason is that these aren't as creamy as some, so they seem to stick better