Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Product Review: Badger Sleep Balm

College means a lot of things. 
Meeting new people, early classes, setting out on your own, parties, roommates, sleep. 

Ok. So that last one was a joke. 
Sleep has become a little bit of a foreign concept for me. 
Between work, class, the social life, and other activities, my sleep schedule isn't what you would call consistent. 

As you may know, going to bed and waking up at the same time every night is considered healthy. It helps your body fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly. While this is a great concept, it's not something that's easy for me- some nights this isn't even possible. 

So what do I turn to?
Badger Sleep Balm
Badger is a great company. They sell healthy body care products including aromatherapy, soaps, sun care, lip care, among others. I've been loving their balms, and couldn't wait to share one with you!
Badger's balms are USDA certified organic, and come in cute little tins with different aromatherapy (and other) purposes. 
The next best thing to having a consistent bedtime is having a consistent bedtime routine. This too, can signal your mind that its time to quite down and fall asleep. 
Ok. So a consistent routine isn't always possible either. 

This sleep balm has saved the day, er... night?
Badger Sleep Balm is an aromatherapy balm you apply on your temples before bed. It is lavender and bergamot scented, and has a very smooth consistency. At first I was a little hesitant about rubbing oil on my face, but I haven't had any problems with it.

This is the small size, but i've used this every night for a few months now, and it still looks brand new- I'm not anticipating running out any time soon. 

I'm a sucker for aromatherapy. I have lotions, sprays, balms, oils, candles, you name it. This is the one item I use the most, by far. It's so simple, I can throw it in my bag, and it works. The light scent is calming, and the act of using it every night does help remind me it's bed time. 

I can't wait to try some of Badger's other products, especially other balms- I'm thinking the cheerful mind! 

Do you have any must have nighttime products?


  1. this product sounds really good, i never get a good nights kip and i love aromatherapy products, i will have to try it out :)x

    1. It's a really great product! The scent is very mild, but it's perfect for bedtime, not too overpowering.

  2. I love good lip products... Right now using eos and love it!

    1. Love eos! I reviewed the lip balms awhile back. Which is your favorite?

  3. This sounds great, I'm going to have to check out these products! I can't say I have any must have night time products, I just like sleep!

  4. I have a whole night time beauty routine, I feel products work better at night :)