Tuesday, November 8, 2011

EOS Lip Balm

The weather has taken a turn for the worse here. Rain for the last couple days with temperatures dropping faster than I can pull out my winter wardrobe. With the weather comes a whole host of skin concerns. I've already pulled out my winter moisturizing products. Which is sad... as it's only november. On the bright side, my obsession with lip balms has payed off. I've found a favorite.
Enter Evolution of Smooth {EOS}
As you can see, mine are a little beat up- luckily they can handle the abuse.
This cute little sort of huge lip balms are, first of all, larger than most, ringing in at 0.25 oz of product, compared to the average 0.15 oz. The website boasts the products best qualities, 95% organic, 100% natural, none of the bad stuff we've come to avoid. It's even gluten free, and never tested on animals.

-But beyond that, it's just nice. and fun. The little spheres are so easy to find in my purse! They maybe be the only thing I can consistently locate. Even better, the product is so soothing and smells great. If you're someone who goes for the no sent no flavor balms, this is not for you, but for anyone else, I'm giving it five stars. 

- The balm comes in a variety of flavors: summer fruit and honeysuckle honeydew (pictured), strawberry sorbet, sweet mint, lemon drop (spf 15), and tangerine (medicated to prevent bacterial contamination- how cool!). 

Now that I've raved, what is your go to lip balm for when the weather turns ugly?


  1. Aren't they? Have you tried any of the EOS products?

  2. I always have about 100 lip balms in my handbag! These look cute, very quirky. Love your review. Might have to give them a try!