Saturday, November 12, 2011

Clinique Seven Day Scrub


It's an important step in any skin care routine. While I have to admit, I rarely ever exfoliate daily, I always make sure its a frequent occurrence. This crucial step helps to remove dead skin cells, smooth the texture, helps with the renewal of cells, and brightens the skin.  
Sample size pictured. 

Clinique produces a number of quality skin care products. The seven day scrub is exactly that. It's a scrub intended to be used daily. The scrub has a very fine grain, and a creamy consistency. The product is definitely gentle enough to use daily, and is suitable for sensitive skin which other, more coarse exfoliants may irritate. Seven day did feel wonderful during use, and left my skin feeling smooth, moisturized and looking quite nice, if I do say so myself. Also a plus, a little goes a long way- I had the full size for quite some time, and the bottle still seemed full. 
The concern, however, would be that it is a little too lotion-y (for lack of a better word) for me. It seemed there was a slight residue left on my face after use, which was actually great when my skin was dry- not so much when it was oily. (My skin is very indecisive, but generally pretty good). 

Overall, I did like this product, but am not sure I will repurchase as I do not believe it is suitable for my skin type.

Have you tried any of the clinique skin care products? If so, have a favorite?


  1. I use clinique every day - foundation, powder, mascara and moisturiser. I've found the cleansing products really good but you have to use them regularly for it to work which can sometimes be a bit of a hassle - but i think thats the same with any skincare routine, no? x

  2. I would agree that you have to use most skin care products daily for them to work. Many exfoliants, however, are not mean to be used daily, as they are simply too harsh. Clinique's seven day is a great solution to this problem because it is so gentle, I just can't bring myself to ad another daily step to my routine.

    P.s. aren't clinique mascara's fantastic? Definitely a current favorite!

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