Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hey guys! As an everyday adventure is new little project, I thought I would tell you pretty people a little about myself... maybe give you a little inspiration to come back later and read some more!

I'm about twenty years old, and a student at a university in michigan, and living in an always exciting student house as the only girl in a group of guys (Oh, and the most adorable puppy you'll ever meet... assuming any of you show up at my doorstep, and subsequently are greeted by my dog). I love: Being active (backpacking, kayaking, swimming, yoga, etc.), Michigan, bonfires, pictures and quotes, pretty things, and getting involved in anything new and interesting.

The topics of these posts may be random at times, obnoxious at others, hopefully interesting, and maybe even a little inspiring. I'd like to tell a little about the crazy experiences I've had, and why every should do something crazy once in awhile. I'll write about food, beauty, being active, and the complications that are life. Hopefully you can take something away from these stories, if not... I'll try to include enough pretty pictures to amuse you none the less.

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